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Your trees can be a stunning accent that transform your yard into a garden escape — or they can threaten to damage your home the next time the wind blows too strongly.

Don't wait until it's too late.

Give us a call and let us give you a quote to trim back dangerous and unsightly branches or remove trees that aren't needed.

Trees are a big job, and you have to be able to trust the workers to take the steps that need to be taken to avoid damage to your property. I take pride in our crew and our ability to finish a job and leave your yard looking better than we found it.

- David Hooper, Owner

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Our Services

Tree Removal

We remove the trees that you don't need and don't want — including high-risk removal, insurance projects, and general land improvement.

Log Milling

If your trees are the right quality, we can help you turn them into usable lumber for your projects.

Lot Clearing

We can remove trees that are cluttering up your land so that you can have more usable space.

Firewood & Mulch

When your trees are down, we can help you turn the logs into usable firewood or mulch.

Shrub Removal

We can remove overgrowth like shrubs, tall grasses, and small trees so that your land is more usable and more enjoyable to look at.

Stump Grinding

You don't have to suffer from unsightly stumps. We can grind them down so that your yard gets an instant facelift when the tree is gone.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Let us help you make your yard safe and beautiful.

Call or Text (706) 524-8288

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