“Giving New Life to Old Growth” 


Our mission at Let’s Get Green Together is to reduce our community’s share of the one hundred and fifty three billion tons of tree related waste every year in this country.  We intent to accomplish this by gaining public cooperation and community support.

Exotic woods such as oak, red oak, ash, maple and walnut will be milled and sold to local craftsmen for the production of unique and custom style furnishings.  Other woods will be milled into framing timber, available to local housing groups seeking to reduce the number of homeless families and aid those living in substandard housing in our area.

10-15% of the proceeds from the furnishing on our website or at the select furnishing outlets will be donated to support the ongoing projects supporting the housing community and Green Friendly Urban Timber Harvesting.

With the support of a distribution network for our goods, we can make this a self-sustaining organization that will create jobs in our community.

This will be accomplished by Training a Workforce from those who come forward for assistance & volunteers.  Not only can we reduce the demands on our social services, we can return dignity and pride to those who are striving for mere survival.

We currently need volunteers for fund-raising and event planning and sponsoring:  graphic arts, web design, public relations, legal & accounting, printing, computer and office equipment, property for storage, used logging equipment and machinery, and donations for operating expenses, or any donation that can be utilized for the sake of our mission.

 Together, we can give a “New Life to Old Growth.”

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